How Do Ecig Tanks of Popular Ecig Brands Work?

With a flourishing electronic cigarette industry, it is not new to people when they hear thousands of products appearing or introducing the same every year. One of the most controversial parts in every electronic cigarette, in which every brand varies, is the tank. Remember that e cigs that are based on tank systems are tend to be heavier and larger, but they have more advantages compared to those that are not tank-based. Among the advantages are reliability and giving too much better vapour production. Compared to blank cartomizers, tanks are also easier to refill, and it is also possible to see the E Liquid level as you vape. E cig tanks differ from their prices to change in quality. With these variations, finding the best fitting e cig tank that is suitable for you can be so hard.

How Does the Halo Triton Tank System Work?

Unlike the traditional designs of Halo which look slick and slim, this new Halo Triton tank system is thicker in shape and heavier in weight. This is considered as the second generation e-cigarette and has a solid form tanks. Halo Triton tank gives an amazing performance on their product quality. The tank is designed and made to prevent e-juice leakages to the battery. Some Triton Tank system batteries are: Longer battery life, Immense vapor, increased throat hit, high quality standards and easy to use. In the tank, you will see a coil that heats liquid. The tank has a center coil that is replaceable. The tank is capable to hold a 2.4 ml of liquid. To identify the level, there is a marking that displays the level. The tank is available at 2.2 up to 2.4 ohms coil Unscrew and try to fill the liquid to 2.4ml once the liquid is over. There are colors available for Triton tanks namely Translucent Red, translucent blue, translucent purple, translucent green, translucent yellow, crystal clear and translucent smoke. It is time for a replacement if your tank cannot produce any vapour. Afterwards, you can replace the coil or entire tank. When the filling process is done, no chances will leak into the battery.

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How Does the Apollo VTube Kit Work?

Apollo E-cigs eGo tank has three pieces: the atomizer, the cartridge and the rechargeable lithium battery. Not like the electronic cigarette, it has no fiber type in the cartridge that holds the moisture to create the vapor, this is also called e-tank. In this article, the tanks are focused. For it to works, you need to unwrap the eGo tanks to remove it from the battery. If it is still attached in the battery, this prevents spilling of e-liquid. Afterwards, unscrew the mouth piece, grab the e-liquid bottle. The caps are resistant to child, so you need to press and twist it on a counter clockwise direction. Fill the tank, grab the mouth piece, insert it back in the tank, and screw it back. This method is a tricky one and may lead into frustrations in the first few practices. But sooner or later, when you are familiar with the parts and its process, it becomes easier for you.

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How Do Volcano Tube Tanks Work?

If you are a real e-cig user, Volcano Tube Tanks are good as they are used with Lavatube. It has a complete unit: the tube that houses a cotton polyfil cartomizer that has a punched hole that allows the e-liquid to feed the cartomizer continually. The purpose of this is to keep the heating element from fully saturated all the time, thus lengthening the cartomizer’s life and increasing vapor production. Among the type of tanks available, these TubeTank is said to be the best vapor delivery system as it employs a ground-breaking design allowing you to carry enough liquid.

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Granting that you already know how these ecig tanks work, logic dictates that you already know the differences of these three brands. As you notice, tanks have the same purpose but the rulings are different because every brand has its own ways and creativity of delivering the flavor, and provides client satisfaction.

What makes Mt. Baker Vapor Stands Out!

Mt. Baker is amongst the leading brands that produce a wide range of products starting from your regular e-cigarette starter kits to a wide range of flavored e-juices. The more you review the world of Mt baker the more you will realize how much Mt. Baker is popular among those who use vapes regularly. There is almost a band of people who are loyal customers of this brand.

Mt baker not only has outreach amongst the masses but also produces high quality products. It has the starter kits from various collaborations namely, Innokin, Bazo, Baker Vapor and many more just to name a few. It has tasty range of more than 200 flavors to choose from. The Mt. Baker products stand out in the market due to its wide range of products and also its quality.

Another reason for the success of Mt. baker is the low price. It is almost a steal compared to the others. You can use your coupon codes and promo codes to avail the maximum discount. If you review the other products available in the market, you can easily find that Mt. Baker is quite popular and within your budget.
If you are a newbie to the world of electric vapors, Mt. baker fits within the limits of your pocket as well. It is nothing compared to what you are used to spend on your monthly cigarette packs. It makes your transition from being a smoker to non-smoker in quite an easy manner and is convenient, while also being a bargain.

Also the online site is a must to see all the products in their full glory. As soon as you enter the site, a customer support chat window pops up to guide you through your e-cigarette shopping experience. This only comes to show the excellent customer service provided by Mt. Baker. You must visit the site at least once. If you want more value for your money, use any of the Mt Baker Vapor coupons provided by our friends at – best E-cig coupon sites, to avail the added discount.

The high quality, high-end range of products, the cheap pricing, the easy customer service experience are some of the many reasons why Mt. Baker stands out amongst its competitors in the market.

Features Review and Coupon Codes of Halo, Apollo, and Green Smoke Living

Customers want to purchase e-cigs with adequate features. Though price is a major part of e-cig, users are now more selective regarding the features. Nowadays, the users like to have that e-cig which will include all the necessary accessories and features so that they do not have purchase any extra accessories separately. Here, price doesn’t matter if all the other sides are strong. Most importantly, at the time of choosing e-cigs people compare among different e-cigs and select the well featured one. Now I will compare among such three well-featured e-cigs so that you can choose the best suited one for you.

Features and Coupons of Halo E-cig

Halo e-cigs are fully featured with all necessary accessories. It is a US-based company which is fully made there with using latest technologies. Battery life is very strong in Halo G6. The usual standard of KR808D-1’s battery is common in e-cigs. However, Halo uses much better standard than that. Aesthetics and outlooks of Halo is outstanding. This is because, it is very slim as well as cover with very attractive aluminum shell. The LED tip which will certainly attract you. Moreover, the vapor and taste is also mention worthy. It will provide amazing flavors and throat hit. The G6 atomizer provides very thick vapor. Anti-burn technology is also available in Halo e-cig. Unlike any other it ploy-fills are not prone to burning. In addition, there are a lot of e-liquids which is very necessary to meet user demand. You can save a lot during the promotional offers by the company, when you use the promo codes and the coupon codes. It will keep your e-cig addiction in check and the habit will not cost a bomb.

Features and Coupons of Apollo E-cig

Apollo is also an US based e-cig. It was founded in 2008 in California. However, it is also made with all latest technologies and accessories. Packaging and design are very appealing for an Apollo e-cig. The portable packet will include charging facility. Moreover, the kit can of both black and white color. The black kit becomes more attractive as it has a shiny silver look. White one is decorated with gold color. Nicotine levels of Apollo can be Zero, low, medium, high, and extra high. This is why it will suit all the users. Flavors and Vapor are of Apollo are highly appreciated by the users. There are more than 21 unique flavors and the cloud made through vaping is very similar to usual smoking. The battery of Apollo will last up to 7 hours in continuous vaping which is very rare in e-cigs. Not only are the Apollo e-cigs, excellent in features, but they are great in savings too, when the consumer is able to buy them in bulk using the coupon codes and the discount codes online. There are a number of sites, which offer exciting and alluring discount schemes to buy the e-cigs.

Features and Coupon Codes

Green smart provides 4 different starter kits for different customers. It is available with 2 different batteries with low and high power. One will provide you 400 puffs and another one will provide 300 puffs at a single charge. It has around 24 unique flavors and different nicotine strength starting from zero level to 24mg level. Size and Weight are all the same like a usual cigarette. However, it is somewhat lighter than others. Moreover, it is considered as an ultra-portable e-cig. The money back guarantee of Green Smoke will provide you 30 days no question asked money back facility. Another great feature of the GSL are the simply-hard-to-resist coupon codes and promo codes, which will not let your e-cig smoking habit burn a hole in your pocket!

IF you notice clearly, you will find that all of these e-cigs are fully-featured with all required facilities. Now the selection will actually depend on the personal choice of the users.

Features Review of Halo, Apollo, Green Smoke

Electronic cigarettes are the most revolutionary product in the world of smokers. They have entered the smokers’ world with new technology. They produce vapors instead of smoking. They use battery, this has made it portable. When you go to market to buy this new experience, you have to face so many brands claiming them the top one in the market. They offer different type of services to attract the customers. The best e cigarette is the one that gives you the best services and quality at cheap rates, the top three companies in the smoking world are Halo, Apollo and Green Smoke. We are here to review them.

Apollo e cigarette Features Review

Apollo comes in three types they are Starter kits, Cigars and disposable. Disposable as the name depicts only gives 500 puffs and after that get disposed immediately. The second one Cigar are more powerful than that of disposable .They give you 1000+ puffs and uses the long life batteries. The starter kits are the most powerful packages. They come with rechargeable batteries along with the chargers and different flavor cartridges. In short words they come with all accessories required for the instant start of vaporizing.

Halo e cigarette Features Review

They are famous for their wide range of flavors; there starter kit comes in two packages G6 and triton. They have very long battery life and rich flavors. Their starter kit comes with charger and cartridge flavors. Triton is expensive as compared to the starter kits. They have also introduced nicotine premium for their tobacco lovers.

Green Smoke Features Review

Green Smoke is known for their nicotine range. They are the best option for tobacco lovers. They have got the position in the industry despite of the fact that they have introduced just 7 flavors of e liquids. They are very famous among the chain smokers as they give high concentration in their e liquids. They also provide one year warranty.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

All of them provides GreenSmoke Coupon Code, Halo Coupon Code and coupon 2014 for instant discount to their loyal customers. Discounts are provided if you enter the coupon code at their official website for purchasing the items. You can also visit their websites for the promotional deals as well.

In conclusion, Choice is very simple Apollo, Halo and GreenSmoke are the best e cigarettes in the market. They are because of their quality parameters, satisfaction and new flavors. They offer the best experience of vaping to both the new comers and the old ones. Try them and they will never disappoint you. And will provide you the best and cheap experience.

Here’s Why You Would Love V2 cigs

I love V2 cigs! I’ve tried a lot of E-cigarette brands in my vaping journey and I’ve stick with only one brand, V2 ecigs. If there’s one electronic brand that would strongly recommend to others, then it’s got to be V2. Started in the year 2009 in Miami Florida, V2 cigs amongst any other E-cigarette brands around, have the ability to standout from the rest with their superior quality products and the highest level of customer service ever. The company now has more than 1 million loyal customers across the globe and they are all grateful that they’ve found V2. They also have more than 20,000 retail locations and hailes by as the #1 most visited E-cig website nowadays.

In this article, let us dig deeper on what makes V2 cigs different from all the other brands. Here’s why you would love V2 cigs the way we V2 cigs users love it too. Read on!

Reason 1: V2 Cigs offers the highest quality of electronic cigarettes, flavors, accessories and innovative new products ever. You can be assure that every package you receive is goodness.

Reason 2: With strict quality control and product assessment guidelines, V2 cigs trust their products so much that they are willing to give people an inside look at their batch testing results. A peat, no other brand would dare to try. Simply type in your batch number on their website and you will get it instantly.

Reason 3: V2 cigs is the only brand that offers a limited lifetime warranty (up to five times replacement only) on all electrical components within your ecigs, further ensuring complete satisfaction now and for years to come.

Reason 4: V2 cigs provide a level of customer service that is one of the best I’ve ever encountered not only in the industry but in all customer services around. Their team of highly trained professionals that are available 24/7 help to ensure that you’ll receive answers to your questions and dilemma as soon as possible.

Reason 5: One of the most common reasons why a smoker would not turn into vaper is because they dont know what’s inside the E-cigs they are vaping. With V2, you’ll know! A downloadable list of ingredients for all V2 Cigs flavor cartridges provides complete transparency to assure people that what they are vaping is safe.

Reason 6: V2 cigs offer E-liquid refills and only a few E-cig brands offer them. E-liquid refill let people save more money, have more control in their flavors and experiment new flavors all by themselves. Furthermore, all e-liquid bottles from V2 Cigs are packaged in specially designed child-proof bottles so you are sure that it is safe.

Reason 7: V2 cigs have a couple of reward and savings system that can help their customers save more money when buying V2 cigs, you can save as much as 50%. Coupon code for V2 cigs are everywhere. The V2 coupon code will give you instant discounts just by simply copying and pasting the V2 discount code before you checkout. There’s also the V2 cigs affiliate system Smoke4Free and V2 cigs also has storewide sale every now and then.

In a market that’s quickly becoming saturated with competition, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from your competitors. But V2 cigs had done it again and again, this is why it is the best brand to consider if you want to switch to E-cigs. Above are are just some of the reasons why you will love V2 cigs. When you become a V2 Cigs customer, there’s plenty more that you will discover. So start vaping today and start with V2 cigs.